Sheet-Pan Scallion Chicken With Bok Choy Recipe (2024)



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Used boneless skinless chicken thighs so only cooked for 20 minutes


Such a unique and delicious flavor! No one knows what it is. After making this 3 times, from now on I will-Use 2 sheet pansPut all the chicken on one and give it a 10 min head start.Arrange vegetables on the other sheet pan.Pull out chicken from oven and place on top of veggies with any of the cooking juices. Bake another 10-15 min til done This should eliminate the overcooked book Choi or whatever veg you chose


I made this mostly as described, except I halved everything but the bok choy and used boneless, skinless chicken thighs.This is what "fusion" food is supposed to be. It doesn't taste like "Asian food with a bit of something", or like "French cooking with a twist".One doesn't really taste the dijon, the ginger, the garlic, or the miso. It doesn't taste specifically salty, or spicy, or sweet. One tastes only the "umami" - the savory combination of all of the above.Delicious and easy! Bravo!


Who knew ginger would pair so well with Dijon Mustard? I used skin-on bone-in thighs and rubbed some of the marinade under the skin. I had no scallions so I substituted minced shallots, which were great. I did put the thighs under the broiler for a few minutes after baking. Enthusiastic thumbs up for a weeknight dinner.


really good and easy - used soy sauce instead of miso paste but still came out really well


Follow-up: I DO NOT suggest cooking with the skin-on (and I love crispy skin). The sauce, if coated all over thigh by dipping thigh into a large bowl with sauce (vs recipe's suggestion to pat on top of thighs in pan before cooking) will preserve moisture and still give you a great semi-crust. Cooking with the skin-on will NOT bring the flavors into the chicken. Trust's a great recipe but is not intended to be skin-on!


I cook, a lot. This dish IS amazing...incredibly good and super easy. After mixing the sauce/coating, I put sauce into a large bowl and dipped individual thighs to coat it well before placing chicken on sheet pan. I did not cook lemon wedges, but saved them to squeeze fresh over plated chicken (adds another dimension on flavor). Use bone-in thighs to preserve flavor and moisture (vs boneless filets), trimming excess fat when removing skin. MAKE THIS NOW! Happy Holidays


The chicken was pretty good but the bok choy was really burned after 30 minutes in the oven on 450 degrees.


This will be a staple for us. It was delicious. I added cashews on top and used broccoli instead of bok choy. This Dijon mixture is the bomb and so versatile. I will use it for so many more recipes.

Anne NYC

I make the marinade of scallions, mustard, ginger, etc., in a large ziplock baggie. I seal the bag and smoosh it all around with my fingers. They I drop the chicken pieces into the bag, reseal it, smoosh it all around some more until the pieces are coated. Then I proceed with the bok choy etc in the sheet pan. Saves a lot of clean up -- no bowl to clean up, and you can pop the sealed bag with chicken in fridge for awhile to finish the marinade.


We tried this with broccoli instead of bok choy, and while the chicken was excellent, the broccoli stole the show. I wondered if the temp and duration was going to give me burned veg but that didn't happen at all. Roasted at 450 for close to 40 minutes. Yum!


I’d seriously double the marinade. Also, making it with haddock right now


Best sheet pan chicken recipe I have cooked. The miso Dijon spread was incredibly flavorful and loved how juicy it made the thighs. I had only two large bone in thighs on hand so I removed the skin, halved the spread but used all the organic baby bok choy. I had some Yukon gold potatoes so I cut them up and put them on one side of my sheet pan. The potatoes were a delicious addition as they soaked up the flavors of the chicken and spread but crisped up with high heat.


Double veggies. Added a little sesame oil.


I used celery stalks, leaves and all in place of the bok choy and it was delicious.


Didn't have miso paste so used soy sauce instead. Delicious. Seems pretty hard to mess this up, the marinade is forgiving and flexible. Will make this again as written, but would also use this marinade on other proteins and vegetables in the future.


Double bok choy if have it. Mix chicken with marinade bowl first.


Delicious. Bok choy and chicken is an ideal combination. The spices were a perfect compliment.


This recipe is amazing. Adding a tablespoon or so of sesame oil to coat the bok choy, as well as in the marinade makes the flavor pop. Also added red pepper flakes, because why not?


Delicious sans the box choy, used green cabbage the second time we made this and will never go back.


This is a fantastic recipe. I used broccoli instead of bok choy and it was really good. I followed the reader's advice who recommended giving the chicken a 10 minute start then adding it to another sheet pan on top of the broccoli. I then gave it another 20 mins and it came out perfectly. This one will go on regular rotation.


Made this for dinner last night. I tossed the chicken in the marinade while I preheated the oven. While I prebaked the chicken for ten minutes, I prepared the bok choy on another pan, then placed the chicken on it and finished baking it for another 15 minutes (recommendation by another commenter). Turned out perfectly. The only thing I'd do differently is to double the marinade.


Yummy. Can make with boneless but less cooking time


We love vegetables so I added broccoli and brussel sprouts in addition to baby book choy and it turned out so delicious that we’re having leftovers for dinner tonight, definitely a keeper!

sheet pan bok choy chicken

Fresh ginger, minced


Exceptional! I used four large thighs, bone in, skin removed. Did not reduce the other marinade ingredients, other than the amount of oil, which I halved, based on other comments. I placed thighs in a glass dish, covered generously with the garlic, miso, ginger, etc. paste and refrigerated for about 5 hours. I preheated the oven to 425 degrees, and cooked the thighs on a sheet pan for 15 minutes. (I removed about 1/3 of the garlic, ginger paste before roasting.


I don’t like this, at least with the brown mustard from d and d


bok choy didn't burn, got soft and very tastychicken was terrific88 year old sous chef misread scallions for shallots [would never misread a blueprint!] - dish was terrific anyway


Wow, the marinade is incredible! I marinated boneless, skinless thighs (that's what I had) in a ziploc bag for about 30 minutes. I added broccolini to the pan with the bok choy and cooked all together at @ 375 for 30 minutes. I did not mind the mushiness of the veggies, but that's just me. The chicken is so moist and flavorful, this is a keeper for me!


The marinade is absolutely phenomenal! That said, I should have trusted my instincts regarding the bok choy. Roasting it under the chicken just makes it an unappetizing, mushy mess. Next time I’ll roast the greens in their own pan. I did use a shallot instead of the scallions because I had one and not the other. I’d probably do that again intentionally, because I’ve not been a fan of other recipes that roast scallion with wet ingredients. It’s the same outcome as the bok choy: mush.

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Sheet-Pan Scallion Chicken With Bok Choy Recipe (2024)
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