The Classic Daiquiri Recipe that Everybody Should Know (2024)

An absolutely incredible co*cktail, plain and simple. Spirit balanced with the perfect combination of sweet and tart.

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Ahhh the Daiquiri...

It makes me imagine myself sitting in a big tropical bar on the beach with huge open windows, palm trees, and a relaxing warm breeze. I've never actually been in any setting even close to that but I can imagine it happening when I drink a Daiquiri.

What does a Daiquiri taste like?

The perfect combination of tart lime, sweet cane sugar, and refreshingly crisp rum all coming together.

As far as I am concerned there might not be a better co*cktail out there.

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What is the best rum for Daiquiris?

The short answer is: use your favorite white rum.

But lets go in depth a bit more and give you some brands to look out for when it comes time to choose your rum. There are so many good white rums on the market that I would say some of the best advice is probably just avoid anything that is priced too good to be true, or comes in a bottle that you could picture at a frat house party.

These are my recommendations of white rums for Daiquiris:

  1. Plantation 3 Stars:Will give you a really balanced co*cktail with subtle hints of baking spice, cinnamon and clove in the very background. The three stars represent the three countries the rum is from: Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica. (~$17)
  2. El Dorado 3 Year:This is three year barrel aged demerara rum which means it will give you lots of toffee and vanilla notes that contrast the tart lime really well. (~$18)
  3. Rhum Barbancourt Blanc:This is a fresh cane rum from Haiti that will give you a slight touch of green herbal grassy-ness in a good way. (~$19)
  4. Flor de Cana Extra Seco:A four year old rum from Nicaragua that will give you a nice dry and crisp co*cktail. (~$16)
  5. Diplomatio Planas:A blend of rums aged up to six years with flavors ranging from dark coffee to tropical fruits. This will give you a more complex daiquiri as it is a slightly more premium option. (~$32)

When you mix in a the funky grassy bubblegum flavor of Wray and Nephew with a rum that has baking spice notes like Plantation 3 star or El Dorado 3 year it's magical.

The combination just works perfectly.

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The ingredients to make the best Daiquiri

  1. Nice white rum
  2. Fresh lime juice
  3. Simple syrup

If you use those ingredients in a ratio somewhere around 2 oz rum and 3/4 oz of both lime juice and simple syrup you'll be in pretty good shape. Don't overthink it. Make a simple syrup by gently heating a 1:1 ratio of water and sugar just until all the sugar is dissolved, then squeeze some limes yourself!

One thing I do suggest you try is using cane sugar to make your simple syrup instead of the typical white version. It will add one more layer of tropical flavor that I think works really well.

You don't need any type of mix or fancy machine to make a classic Daiquiri.

Just use good ingredients and shake the sh*t out of it!

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The Daiquiri recipe has lots of variations

This co*cktail is up there with the Margarita and Martini as one of the most tweaked and adjusted drinks of all time.

Some versions are great, and some leave A LOT to be desired.

I'm not some co*cktail purist that won't drink anything other than the "one true Daiquiri". But, when the only ingredient of the original three left is rum... that's not reeeealy a Daiquiri anymore.

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Speaking of Variations...

Check out the Bad Habit which is a banana version of the Daiquiri

Try this Banana Daiquiri

I can get down with a Frozen Daiquiri, the strawberry version, and I have even seen some really awesome Daiquiris served out of a machine, just don't use mix or call it a Daiquiri just because there's rum in it.

Fair enough?

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A quick Daiquiri history

Nobody is really sure where exactly the Daiquiri recipe came from since there are so many conflicting origin stories.

It was most likely created in Cuba some time in the early 1900's and was spread through the Navy into American culture.

It became popular near the middle of the century and is likely to be one of the main reasons that rum made it's way into America as something other than just something that sailors drank with lime juice.

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Classic Daiquiri Recipe

The classic Daiquiri is a perfect combination of rum, lime and sugar that can be adjusted to suit the tastes of anybody.


  • 2 Oz White Rum
  • 3/4 Oz Simple Syrup
  • 3/4 Oz Fresh Lime Juice


  • Add all the ingredients to your shaker.

  • Add ice and shake vigorously for 12 seconds.

  • Strain into a chilled coupe glass. If you don't want any little ice crystals in your drink feel free to double strain it.


Try experimenting with different rums, and if you want to make it more tart or more sweet just adjust the ratio of lime and simple syrup as needed.

Total Time: 5 minutes minutes

Course: Drinks

Servings: 1 drink

Tag me at @mydrinkinghobby when you make this!

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The Daiquiri will forever be one of my favorite co*cktails. The balance between quality rum, sweet cane sugar and tart lime is just perfect.

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The Classic Daiquiri Recipe that Everybody Should Know (2024)


What is a classic daiquiri made of? ›

Forget about the ubiquitous frozen drink served at swim-up bars and on cruise ships. This daiquiri recipe keeps it classy. When mixed properly, three simple ingredients—rum, lime juice, and simple syrup—can create a transcendent experience.

What is Hemingway daiquiri vs regular daiquiri? ›

The Hemingway daiquiri brings the subtly sweet, dry cherry taste of maraschino liqueur and tart grapefruit into the classic daiquiri mix of rum and lime. Hemingway took this daiquiri without sugar, but most people prefer the added sweetness. Feel free to make a Hemingway with or without the optional simple syrup.

What is the primary alcohol in a daiquiri? ›

The daiquiri (/ˈdaɪkəri, ˈdæk-/; Spanish: daiquirí [dajkiˈɾi]) is a co*cktail whose main ingredients are rum, citrus juice (typically lime juice), and sugar or other sweetener. In a co*cktail shaker add all ingredients.

What is in a Hawaiian daiquiri? ›

Mix pineapple chunks, pineapple juice, rum and limeade in blender. Add ice and blend until frothy. Pour into glasses and garnish with a fresh slice of pineapple.

What kind of rum is best for strawberry daiquiri? ›

  • Best Overall. Equiano Rum. Caskers. ...
  • Best Budget. Bacardi Superior White Rum. ...
  • Best for Hemingway. Owney's New York City Rum. ...
  • Best Dark. Ron Zacapa 23. ...
  • Best for Frozen. Flor de Caña 4 Year Old Extra Seco. ...
  • Best White. Don Q Cristal. ...
  • Best Age Statement. El Dorado 3 Year Old Rum. ...
  • Best for Split Rum Daiquiri. Plantation 3 Stars Silver Rum.
Mar 26, 2021

What is a daiquiri in Louisiana? ›

Along with the newly substituted rum, the drink was made with brown sugar and limes—since lemons were unheard of in Cuba—then presented to his guests in a tall glass with cracked ice. Obviously, it turned out to be a huge hit, so Cox christened it the “Daiquiri,” naming the co*cktail after the nearby port town.

What's the difference between a daiquiri and a Cuba Libre? ›

The daiquiri is a mixture of rum, lemon juice, sugar and crushed ice. The mojito differs in that it contains fizzy water, a sprig of mint and ice cubes. The Cuba Libre simply mixes rum, cola and lemon. Cuban music and dance will also be featured at numerous festival booths.

Why did Hemingway drink so much alcohol? ›

I agree with some previous answers here that say Hemingway drank for the same reason many other people do; that is, he used alcohol to cope with his unhappiness and depression, and it became an addiction.

Can you put bitters in a daiquiri? ›

A quintessential co*cktail, this is one of the easiest, most refreshing drinks you can make. The 1919 Daiquiri is a classic time piece that showcases the character of the rum and the essence of the word co*cktail, integrating Rum, lime juice, sugar and bitters.

Is Malibu rum good for daiquiris? ›

And whenever we first started making these daiquiris we bought Malibu Coconut Rum and that has become our go to rum when making these daiquiris; hands down, it's the best rum for strawberry daiquiris (we think). There are only 2 other ingredients in this co*cktail so that's about as easy as it gets.

Is Bacardi rum good for daiquiri? ›

Rum, lime and sugar go back a long way in the Caribbean. The classic Daiquiri expertly blends BACARDÍ Superior rum with the citrus of lime and sweetness of sugar - a classic flavor combination best served ice cold.

What is the smoothest aged rum? ›

Brugal Brugal 1888. In order to make what's been called one of the smoothest rums on the market, Brugal, in the Dominican Republic, double-distills and double-matures this liquid in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels and then first-fill Spanish sherry oak casks.

What is a frozen daiquiri made of? ›

Directions. In a blender, combine the frozen strawberries, rum, lime juice and sugar. Blend until smooth and divide among 6 highball or hurricane-style glasses. Garnish each glass with a strawberry slice and serve immediately.

What's the difference between a classic daiquiri and a margarita? ›

The classic daiquiri recipe includes rum, lime juice, and simple syrup or sugar, while the classic margarita recipe calls for tequila, lime juice, and Triple Sec or Cointreau. Flavored syrups or fruit can also be added to make the drinks sweeter.

Is A Pina Colada A daiquiri? ›

In a 1922 issue of TRAVEL magazine a Piña Colada is described as pineapple “shaken up with ice, sugar, lime and Bacardi rum”. Bacardi was a catch-all at the time for light rum, so this is basically a Pineapple Daiquiri (yum).

Is a daiquiri just a rum sour? ›

The daiquiri is a classic rum sour drink, and—much like the martini and margarita—it has also developed into a subfamily of drinks. Many variations take on a variety of flavors, and it's often blended with ice as well.

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